Winner of the Sial 2023 Food and Beverage Competition


We are so happy to win first place in the Sial Canada 2023 pitch competition!

After many years of product development with a strategic focus on consumer preferences, it was a great opportunity for us to present it to a larger audience at the show and receive acknowledgement that we are on the right track. The feedback from the panel of judges was amazing:

"A unique delicious shelf-stable chicken broth that satisfies the consumer demands and meets the food safety and quality standards. The chicken broth comes in an impressive light single-serving packaging, and the end-consumer would just need to add hot water. It is the perfect product for“broth cravings” at anytime. SouperTroopers offers the following options: chicken broth, beef broth and a vegan broth. The outstanding organoleptic attributes of a traditional broth are offered in a shelf-life stable product that enables distribution, e-commercialization and a long retail life SouperTroopers showed not just a unique novel delicious shelf-stable product but also a great market understanding for business growth."

For any entrepreneur out there, you'll know what it takes to stay in the game despite all challenges and obstacles and achieving this is a way for us to celebrate all of the hard work and dedication we've put in (so far) in achieving our goals, but most importantly never giving up.

What a great experience, looking forward to Sial 2024 in Montreal!

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