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Va CaCa Tea

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This premium digestive tea is made with 10 beneficial herbal ingredients and unlike other laxative teas Va CaCa Tea is much milder. No need to worry about uncomfortable cramping or embarrassing runs to the bathroom. This digestive tea is so mild, you'll think you did it on your own.

Ingredients include:

🌿 Senna Leaf - herbal stimulant laxative
🌿 Licorice Root- aids digestion, soothes upset stomachs
🌿 Ginger Root- relieves bloating and nausea
🌿 Peppermint- boosts digestion, aids in weight loss
🌿 Dandelion Root- natural diuretic, supports liver & kidney function
🌿 Fennel Seed- antacid, relieves IBS and constipation
🌿 Marshmallow Root- soothes inflammation in the digestive tract
🌿 Burdock Root- detoxes blood and lymphatic system, contains powerful antioxidants (quercetin and luteolin)
🌿 Milk Thistle Seeds- supports liver, promotes healthy skin
🌿 Lemon Oil + Peel- fights bacteria and fungi, boosts energy levels

Each pouch contains 14 tea bags, no strings attached.

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